Fishing Reports

Saturday January 9th,


Despite the cold weather during the winter months on Cape Cod, you can still get outside to catch your dinner. For those looking to shellfish for either oysters or quahogs now a great time to get out there. For one, there will be less of a crowd to compete with and the shellfish, particularly quahogs, taste best this time of year. With the water temperature being so low, you will need a pair of neoprene waders with insulated boots and a pair of insulated gloves, both of which are available for purchase. The town of Falmouth does a great job at showing you exactly where to go to shellfish by providing maps in the link below;


Although we'll have to wait until April for saltwater, freshwater fishing remains very good this time of year. The state of Massachusetts stocks fours ponds in Falmouth with trout in the spring and two ponds in the fall. The ponds you can fish for trout are Deep, Mares, Grewes and Ashumet and you can check out the stocking report on the link below;

Over the past few weeks one of my customers has been doing very well at Mares pond using shiners. He recently hooked with a 5 lb rainbow trout, which is a very nice fish for Cape Cod. Another friend of mine was also out on Mares with his hobie kayak and caught some nice trout on rooster tails and thomas spoons. If you're throwing lures you want to make sure to be using a fluorocarbon leader. I like using 6 lb fluoro but you might be able to get away with 8 lb fluoro. I don't use a barrel swivel when trout fishing but some people like to use it to avoid line twist, but to each their own. Two days ago a customer was in who said he had been fly fishing at Grewes pond and caught two rainbow trout on a yellow clouser. He had purchased a variety of clousers and a few other flies was determined to go back to Grewes to catch more. So if you're bored and have the fishing bug, get out there and catch some trout.