Fishing Reports

Monday July 12

Over the past week striper fishing has slowed down a bit in the rips, but they are still holding fish. I went out a few days ago and caught 8 small stripers and a few 12 lb bluefish at middle ground using an epoxy jig. Bigger fish are being caught by jigging wire, tube and worming and live lining scup. A popular place to jig wire is off of west chop and near nobksa light house and guys have been doing well live lining scup in woods hole. Eel fishing along the elizabeth islands has picked up, as charter captains have started to use them on most trips. Hedge fence has had some action as well but it seems to be mostly blue fish. Horseshoe shoal is also a place that has been holding a lot of bluefish if you are willing to take the ride out there. If you run into bluefish using a wire leader is recommended as they have sharp teeth that can do a number to your plugs but also cut you off if you're using mono or fluoro leaders.

Reports are that bonito have shown up at the hooter, which is off the south west corner of Martha's Vineyard. The hooter is a great place to fish if you can get out there as you can catch bonito, striped bass, bluefish, black sea bass and fluke all in one trip. If you're trolling for bonito you want to be using a deep diving yo-zuri crystal minnow in either pink or chartreuse. I like to use a small barrel swivel in between a 4 to 5 foot fluorocarbon leader and your main line. Because they are in the tuna family and can swim very fast you want to be trolling 6-7 knots. Usually there are blue fish mixed in with Bonito at the hooter so be prepared to lose a lure or two if they are there in big numbers.

Black sea bass fishing has slowed down a bit as they are now being caught in very deep water. I was catching them the other day in 80' of water but they can be as deep as 100 feet. I still recommend using Eastman's custom sea bass rigs tipped with squid with a 6-10 ounce bank sinker to keep the bait on the bottom.

As black sea bass fishing has slowed down fluke fishing has picked up. There have keepers caught on the eastern edge of middle ground, lucas shoal, quicks and robinsons hole. You can either use a fluke rig tipped with squid or gulp or a bucktail jig tipped with gulp. Fluke will only eat in moving water so you want to be fishing in between tides and avoid fishing slack tide.

If you're looking to do some offshore fishing there are reports of 40-50 lb bluefin tuna being caught at  the dump, with reports from yesterday being excellent. One boat hooked with with as many blue fin as they wanted and at one point marked forty to fifty blue fin under their boat. With this fishing ground being relatively close to Falmouth, smaller boats are able to make the trip south and try their luck catching the small bluefins. Trolling bird bars has been the most effective way to catch these smaller fish with green machines being the color of choice. If you're in search of very large bluefin reports are that they are catching them east of Chatham at crab ledge and regal sword. Most anglers are live lining mackerel for the 80"-100" big boy bluefins.

Even though the salt water fishing has been excellent, people are still fresh water fishing in Falmouth and Mashpee. We have been selling a good amount of shiners for those looking to target large mouth bass in places like crocker, Shivericks and Peters pond. People often forget there are 365 fresh water ponds on Cape Cod and has some of the best fresh water fishing in the north east. Whether you are headed out for stripers, bluefin or large mouth bass we are fully stocked for all of your fishing needs.


Tight Lines!

Evan Eastman