Fishing Reports

Friday, September 30

The False Albacore fishing this year remains very good, better than I can recall in recent years. There have been good reports outside of Waquoit bay, Nobska and along the Elizabeth islands. From the reports I have received today, all thee areas had a ton of albies. Yesterday I fished along the vineyard sound side of Nauhson Island and had one of the best albie days of my life. There were a ton of them and they were not picky, especially early in the morning. I was using the 7/8th oz silverside epoxy jig and I was able to catch them while they were blitzing and also while I was blind casting as well.


My albie setup is a 7' Star VPR rated 1/4 oz - 3/4 oz and I have that paired with a Penn Slammer IV 3500 spooled with 20 lb power pro super slick braid. I use 15 lb fluorocarbon as my leader and this is an extremely important part of albie fishing. Fluoro is an absolute necessity as using mono or even worse, trying braid directly to a lure will result in hundreds of casts and no hook ups. They have very keen eyesight and fluoro makes the connection from your main line to the lure less visible in the water. My go-to lures are Hogy Epoxy jigs and I have been using Silverside and echix in the 5/8th oz and 7/8th oz sizes. On calmer days I go with the 5/8th oz size that is a smaller profile as the bait has been very small thus far. You could even go to a 3/8th oz size but then casting distance becomes an issue. On rougher days I use the 7/8th oz size because it casts better when there's wind and swims better in the rougher seas. I also really like the Joe Baggs Peanut resins as they have been a new lure for me this year and it casts and swims very well. A trick that I have used in the past is taking the hook off of a 3/4 oz (you could use any weight you desire) cripple herring, tie on a 2 1/2 foot fluoro leader and a fly on the end. This allows you to cast a fly with a spinning set up, which can sometimes fool very finicky albies.






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